Roommate Marriage: Exploring a Common Stepping Stone on Road to Divorce

Roommate marriage is a real and sadly common occurrence in couples. One minute it seems like you have a great relationship with your spouse, and the next, you are roommates rather than in a committed relationship.

Why is this?


1. No Boundaries

You are allowed to set boundaries when you are in a committed relationship! Just because you are married does not mean you cannot set boundaries and expectations. You can have private phone calls, spend time with friends alone, and even have alone time. A boundary-free relationship can quickly and easily make your marriage relationship feel like a roommate relationship.


2. Incompatibility

Unfortunately, many couples realize they are not suitable for each other after a few years of marriage. While sometimes opposites attract, being opposite is the reason many couples fail. When a couple begins to want different things in life, they can fall into roommate syndrome.


3. Sexual Differences

Sadly, differences in sexual preferences can tear apart a marriage. For example, if a partner who is not very sexual feels pressured to be by their spouse, they may become unhappy. They may also feel guilty and unlovable if they do not agree to be sexual.


4. Turning Against or Away from Emotional Bids

An emotional bid is an attempt from one partner to show the other affection, attention, or any other form of positive interaction. Studies show that partners who are together for the longest after marriage turn towards each other’s emotional bids 86% of the time. It is easy to miss your partner’s emotional bid, but you should look for them. Turning toward could save your marriage.


No matter the reason for your divorce, it is important to have an experienced attorney fighting to protect your rights. A proven domestic litigator is a must as you navigate the divorce process.