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Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Child Custody Cases

December 18, 2023

Many people believe that the mother is in a better position to become the primary custodial parent or to obtain more favorable terms in custody cases, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In Virginia, Maryland, and the DC metropolitan area – and elsewhere throughout the country – courts are required to base their child custody determinations on the best interests of the children. In fact, the parent’s gender should play no role in this calculation. If you’re facing a child custody concern of your own, it’s time to consult with an experienced child custody attorney serving the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area.  

Despite the Court’s Best Efforts

While the guidelines that courts are required to follow eliminate the gender variable when it comes to child custody decisions, the reality is less clear. Mothers are, traditionally, more likely to put their careers on hold in order to stay home with their children, and this generality continues to play out in child custody orders. As such, mothers are more likely to receive favorable parenting plans, but the degree to which this is based on best interest factors vs. gender bias is up for debate.

Best Interest Factors

Consider the following best interest factors that help bolster the child custody status of mothers in relation to their traditional roles, which – while less clear-cut than in the past – remain the norm across the nation.

Defending Your Rights as a Parent

While there may be a gender bias, courts are bound by the law, and they take best interest factors seriously. A savvy child custody attorney will build your strongest case – demonstrating your close connection with your children and your commitment to their ongoing health, happiness, and well-being.

Maximizing the amount of time children are able to spend with both parents is considered universally advantageous. And this supports your bid for more parenting time. The matter of your child custody terms is too important not to take a solid legal position, and a trusted child custody attorney is well prepared to help.

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