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During The Divorce: If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Say Nothing at All

August 16, 2022

We get it. Going through a divorce is tough and you are a human being with feelings and emotions. Sometimes it feels good to vent about what you are going through in order to blow off some steam and maintain your sanity.

Unfortunately, one person’s venting can be another person’s parental alienation. Anything you say about your ex during the course of divorce or custody proceedings – or even after your case is closed – can be used against you.

1. Keep Your Venting Off of Social Media

Social media posts about your ex can be used as evidence in a divorce or custody case. Nothing good will come from airing your relationship’s dirty laundry in the public sphere. If you must vent, do so in private to a friend or family member your trust.

2. Keep Your Focus Where it Belongs: Your Child

Beyond the legal consequences, there is an even more important reason to keep negative things about your ex to yourself: it is not good for your child. Your ex plays an important role in their lives and your focus should be on working together with them to co-parent your child. Badmouthing your ex in front of your child can harm their view of them, regardless of whether that is your intention.

3. Leave the Legal Wrangling to Your Attorney

We understand how difficult it can be not to get worked up over the twists and turns of a legal case. However, your best bet is to leave those issues in the hands of your attorneys and let them navigate the process. By focusing on your role as a co-parent, you can make sure your child has what they need and focus on what you and your ex have in common: your love for your child.

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